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Mom's Memories
Patti January 24, 2010
image Theresa, thanks for sharing that with all of us. Josh was right, living your life for yourself and not others is the right thing to do. I am glad Josh took the time to tell you that he was proud of you. When I think of Josh, I think of a sensitive young man who is a lot like my son, Casey. Josh's life was short, but he was happy and he had everything going for him. As I said at his funeral, thank you, Theresa and Josh, for bringing such a fun loving, caring person into our lives.
MOM January 23, 2010
~~ My dearest son ~~
 As Josh's mother I have a million wonderful memories of Josh that I would like to elaborate on and share with all that took part in Josh's life but one memory that really stands out in my heart and I truly cherish is the one I shall share for now. Up until this point I haven't shared this with anyone other than my partner Carol. It was about a year or so ago that Josh had called just to see how I was doing - the called started out as most calls did ... " hey mom, how ya doin' ? " I, in response said - pretty good son, what's up with you ? " " Not much, he said. He then proceeded on with his reasoning behind the call. One knows that nobody has the " perfect " life, we all go through our tough times and have many mountains to climb. To make a long story short ... Josh had called me to tell me that he was proud of me. Proud of the fact that I was living my life for me and not everybody else. He was proud of me for no longer letting others stand in my way of finding happiness, proud of me because I had put on a couple pounds ( he didn't like me being too skinny as he knew it was not good for me ), he was proud of the fact that I had finally found peace and happiness within myself and I could finally share that with others. He continued talking for some time - continued on praising me for who I had become in life. Josh was one to love to see everybody in his life happy and live life to its fullist as he did. As we continued to talk, my heart swelled with pride. Pride in knowing that I had raised such a wonderful, caring young man. As the conversation came to a close - Josh said ..." Mom, I just wanted to say " thank you " for being my mother and making me so proud of you ". And, by the way ... " I LOVE YOU MOM ".

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