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Friends Memories
Patti February 16, 2010
Richie is missing you

It's been nearly 2 months since you left us, Josh and Richie still is having a hard time accepting that you are gone. He asked me not to have the memorial for you just yet because he said it is too soon. He hasn't even accepted the fact that you are gone, he is not ready to talk about his memories.


I have to honor his wishes, Josh and I know you understand.


Love and Miss You So Much. Never really thought about just how much you meant to me, to all of us, until you weren't here anymore. Sure wish I would of let you know that you were important to our family.

Joe Giwojna January 14, 2010
image Josh Could Make Anybody Laugh On Their Crappiest Day! I Remeber When I Gave Him My Trike When I Was Five Like It Was Yesterday!(His First Set of Wheels!) We're Always Gunna Have Josh In Our Heatrs!

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