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Amanda's Memories
Amanda January 4, 2016
I still miss you...
It never gets easier! I often think it will as time passes,but it doesnt. I wish you were here,here to see all the things you've missed out on. To be a part of everyone's special moments. It's them times that kill me the most,it's not fair. Life isn't fair but it's not fair you were gone so young! I've never thought I could miss someone so much but missing you is unbearable!!
Missing you September 5, 2014

Its every day that you cross my mind. some days more than others but theres always something there to remind me of what a wonderful person you were. I miss you more than anything and i really wish you were here. Cal Bug is in 4K  now and braxtin is a little turkey alough you were never able to physical meet him we tell him about you all the time. your birthday is just around the corner another year older you'll be :) another year i wish we had with you. I LOVE YOU BROTHER!!!

Manda Panda February 27, 2012
This isnt a memory but there isnt enough room on a candle for all i have to say. For starters i am missing you like crazy. My life is changing in so many ways in the next couple of months. I wish you were here for it all. I shouldnt say that cuz i know your here and you can see everything going on but its just not the same. i just want to be able to call you or shoot you a text but i cant and it hurts. Cry I just u wish you were still here. not a single day goes by where somthing i see doesnt remind me of you. everything i see hear or do i think about you in a certain way. some things are crazy but i remember teh goof ball you always were. Your were a fantastic person josh i wont ever forget that! Not only a fantastic person but an amazing uncle,brother and son!!

i love you manda panda
Patti January 13, 2010
and that is what makes a family...
your sister January 12, 2010

I always remember the times of asking josh to go in his room and play his x-box and he'd always give me the same answer everytime i asked. The answer was always NO!! I soon got used to him saying no all the time so i gave up on asking. Everytime josh would leave to go somewhere (usually down to pattis to hang out with "THE BOYS") i would sneek into his room and play his x-box or go through and look at all of the stuff he had tucked away so no-one would find it. I do have to admit he did have some pretty neat things. After i was all done peeking at all of his things i would try my hardest to put everything back the way it was so he wouldn't even know i was in there. That plan always work until he got home. No matter if it was a toy car out of place or his blanket wasn't the same was as it was when he left he found out everytime I was in his room. He would always get mad at me and call me names but he then got over it. Until of course he left and I did the same things over again.

                                     love you big your sis amanda

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