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Just want to say I miss you today, Josh
MOM June 12, 2012
Missing you
My dearest Josh ~
       Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you ~ as I do every moment of every day. So many things I would love to say and share with you but it's just not the same sitting here typing it on a damn computer. So often I look to sky, ask myself why and still come up with no answer. Things here are so different without you ~ so many times we feel so lost & lonely. * Tears * I love you son <3
Mom April 20, 2011

I Just Go With The Flow



My life would be forever changed



the night my son died.



Where once I had a joyous heart



there's emptiness inside.



When people ask me how I feel



I thank them then I say



Most often times I find it difficult



to have a happy day.



Each morning's sun is hard to face



for something is amiss.



To put it into simpler terms,



try to imagine this ~



A New Year's Eve without champagne



to toast the coming year ~



No valentine's on cupid's day



to give to someone dear.



St. Patrick's Day without shamrocks,



no green beer in a glass.



An Easter without colored eggs



and baskets full of grass.



No fireworks up in the sky



on Independence Day,



No costumed kids on Halloween



or pumpkins on display.



Thanksgiving Day without a feast



of turkey, pies and corn,



No lighted tree with gifts beneath



to open Christmas morn.



I hope this poem has made it clear to those who'd like to know



that since my angel left this world, I just go with the flow.




MOM April 15, 2011
Missing you son

My dearest Josh ~
         Son, it's been a while since I've been here to speak with you. I thought perhaps distance from this site may make it a bit easier - that didn't happen. I still think of, miss and love you every day. Things here have certainly changed since your leaving us. Our lives feel so empty, peoples behaviors have changed ( and you would be kicking some asses ), still so very hard to hear the roaring of the trucks / 4- wheelers go down the road, hard to cook things that I knew you loved, listening to your favorite songs only brings me to tears, everything has changed so much. Just once I pray that this is all just a nightmare and we will wake up, you will walk through that door, and all will be alright. To see your beautiful smile, hear your voice, feel your arms around us giving us hugs and to hear you say I LOVE YOU MOM just one more time ~ no words can describe the pain son. Life isn't fair .. blessed with the most caring, beautiful son ever for 21 years but I'm greedy ... I want at least 50 more of those years with you. Your sisters - they miss you so much - baby Calli ... she's looking at your pictures and talking to Josh ... she looks so much like you !! It's time for me to go for now son as the tears are flowing ... I love and miss you so very much honey ... Mom

MOM December 9, 2010

My dearest son ~

        I'm a bit lost for words at this point but wanted to say that we love and miss you so very much. The one year anniversary date of when you were taken from us is quickly approaching ... EVERY day is hard but that one in particular will be exceptionally hard, PLEASE give us strength and guide us through. Carol placed a small christmas tree out at the cemetary the other day ~ I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So very hurtful to think of not having you here for christmas again this year and many to come ... we would give anything and never ask for another thing if we could have you back here with us. You are loved and missed so very much honey. I LOVE YOU BABY . Please watch over your sisters as they struggle to get through this time as well. Carol, baby Calli and all others .... give us all guidance and strength when we need it most ... now and always.

Mom November 28, 2010

Our dearest Josh ~

       Today we will be having Thanksgiving dinner ... sure wish you were here to enjoy it with us. The girls are really missing you along with Carol & I and tons of other people ... Things are so very different without you here and we don't like it as it is so hard to adjust to the change. As we have dinner today we will certainly be thinking of you as we always do ~ we will certainly be THANKFUL for the wonderful 21 years that we were blessed with you. We love and miss you very much honey.

Mom November 25, 2010

Our dearest Josh ~

    Here's sending Thanksgiving wishes to you in Heaven from all of us. Things sure are different and difficult without you here ~ nothing has been the same. We miss your smile, laughter, crazy pranks, jokes and especially your love and our opportunity to hold you. We shall be eternally grateful and thankful for all that you have given and instilled within us ~ you have certainly made us stronger and much better people. Not a day goes by that we don't talk about, think about and wish you were here. We love you and miss you so very much son

Calli and Grandma November 6, 2010
Miss you <3
Uncle Josh ~ Today is my first birthday .. sure wish you were here with me to celebrate. Although I didn't get the chance to know you very well I knew how much you loved me and I will never forget that love. Grandma talks alot about you and how much she misses you ~ with the birthdays, holidays and the anniversary of losing you coming up grandma is having a very hard time again. Please help her get through this for me and my mommy, Auntie Sam and Carol. We love you uncle Josh
MOM September 25, 2010

You are not forgotten, loved one.

      Nor will you ever be.

As long as life and memory last

     We will remember thee.

We miss you now,

     Our hearts are sore.

As time goes by,

     We'll miss you more.

Your loving smile, your gentle face,

     No one can fill your vacant place.


Calli bug July 22, 2010
Missin' my favorite uncle Josh <3

Uncle Josh ~

           Just wanted to let you know that I've been missing you. I talk to you ( your pictures ) all the time while at grandmas house ... you're the BEST !!

Richie June 23, 2010
missing my best friend
i miss the mud and the getting stuck and knowing if you wernt with no matter what i could call you no matter what time is was or what you were doing you would come pull me out. most of the time you were with and made the good times even better.i remember the time that we got stuck and blew a tire and it was like three in the morrning and we tock everyone home with your truck and no one wanted to come back and help fix my truck.. except you just me and you in the middle of the woods pitch black out changing a tire.. i miss how you were always there for me....luv ya bud!!

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